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We have worked with companies to:

Facilitate turnarounds, workouts, and restructurings
Manage through crises and change
Manage post-acquisition transitions and integrations
Create frameworks for startups and rapid growth
Improve overall financial and operational performance
Negotiate transactions, contracts, joint ventures, and strategic alliances
Manage critical programs and capital assets
Perform financial and operational due diligence
Create financial planning, projections, benchmarking, modeling, and analysis
Increase profit margins though revenue enhancement and cost containment intiatives
Create or clarify business and growth strategies
Validate new initiatives and assess strategic opportunities
Facilitate outsourcing of back office functions to allow management to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives
Develop debt and equity financing strategies, financial plans, internal controls, and risk management solutions
Experienced in international analysis, partnering, negotiations, and expansions
Provide program, project, and capital asset management
Provide advisory board services, including strategic guidance and executive mentoring
Provide expert witness testimony and analysis
“Kelly has the ability to look at the big picture and think strategically, but also roll up his shirt sleeves, delve into the tactical details and get the work done. He has earned the trust and admiration of all internal and external parties with whom he has come in contact.”

Charles Gardner
Managing Partner
Hallmark Group.
Strategic, Financial, and Operational Consulting

Whether we are helping your company carve out new directions, achieve turnarounds, improve performance, or address other challenges, effective problem-solving is essential.

Our approach has three key components:

1. Locating the root cause. When the underlying problems aren’t clear, we need to ask a lot of questions, listen to a full spectrum of stakeholders, and take a wide range of factors into account. Our experience is critical here, along with our breadth of expertise, in locating the real issues, instead of trying to patch over them with makeshift solutions.

2. A hands-on approach. Solutions may look excellent on paper. Making them work is a different matter. Every organization has its weaker spots, and resistance to change is universal. On top of this, in the course of implementation, objectives often shift as new data surfaces, unexpected obstacles arise, and the competitive environment changes. That’s when it’s important that we be on the front lines, dealing directly with stakeholders, using our ability to communicate, educate, build trust, and gain buy in. Our experience allows us to remain flexible and stay the course, tracking the diverse factors involved and bringing an array of skills to deal with new developments.

3. Confidence, creativity, tenacity. These closely linked traits are critical in moving initiatives past roadblocks. Our confidence builds on experience, from having been able to resolve difficult issues in the past. But it is also fed by our ability to see alternative solutions. We know there is always an answer, and we’re committed to making it happen.
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