We specialize in tackling difficult challenges.
This may involve transactions and related issues:
Closing a complex acquisition, merger, or divestiture that may have been languishing for months
Integrating a newly acquired division to minimize cultural differences and maximize operating efficiencies
Or transitions:
Developing an exit strategy that meets long-term objectives
Resolving a sensitive succession plan involving a family-owned business
Or improving performance:
Turning around an under-performing company or asset
Boosting business development efforts that have ground to a halt
Completing a project that is mired in problems
These are just a few examples. In 30 years, we’ve covered a lot of territory, helping companies through start ups, rapid growth, and major changes. Along the way we’ve developed a reputation for problem-solving, tenacity, and proven leadership that get results.
Why are we successful – often where others have failed?

Every challenge is different. But something extraordinary happens when we combine our depth and breadth of experience with our range of expertise, from effective negotiating, to building trust and common direction among stakeholders, to identifying core problems and applying practical solutions, to filling leadership gaps, to creating high performance teams, to showing parties with conflicting agendas how they have more to gain by working together.

Our years of experience help us get down to the underlying issues more quickly – instead of throwing solutions at the wall. And our persistence helps us work through challenges to meet objectives.

These intangibles often mean the difference between success and failure. Or between a solution that may be just barely good enough for now and one that results in maximum, long-lasting benefits for your company.
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