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Some of the investments currently under consideration:

Iconic Coastal Resort Transformed — We have partnered with an internationally recognized resort development firm and one of the premier boutique resort management firms in the country to acquire, renovate, and reposition this legendary property. With its storied history, incomparable setting, and perfect timing for reduced construction/startup costs and market re-entry, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When finished, the property is expected to be one of the top boutique destination resorts in the U.S. Currently seeking equity participation in a $30 million fund. Principals only. For more information, please click here.

High-Volume, Value-Add Housing Solutions – Due to the soft economic environment that has prevailed the last few years, there exists a “perfect storm” of factors in the residential real estate market – including a large inventory of under-valued and distressed properties, high rental demand, low interest rates, and low renovation costs – that creates an outstanding opportunity for not only acquiring a high volume of quality residential properties, but also providing residents excellent value-add housing solutions. With our acquisition, renovation, and management expertise, as well as our collaborative techniques, we expect all partners and stakeholders to realize positive, sustainable benefits from a high-volume model of purchasing, renovating, and either flipping or holding under-valued, under-utilized, distressed, or bundled single family homes. Currently seeking equity participation in a $10 million fund. Principals only. For more information, please click here.

Expansion of Successful Themed Restaurant – Seeking to franchise restaurant chain that has enjoyed success with both private groups and corporate clients, and thrived in spite of the poor economy. Currently seeking equity participation in a $15 million fund to add three units in the San Francisco Bay Area. Principals only. For more information, please click here.

General Investment Opportunity Fund –Through our many sources and connections, we routinely uncover hidden or under-valued opportunities, in a variety of industries, with excellent upside potential worth pursuing and want to have capital readily available to move quickly, negotiate aggressively, and add to our investment portfolio, all the while creating shareholder value. Currently seeking equity participation in a $10 million fund. Principals only. For more information, please click here.


Our work often puts us in a good position to identify promising business and real estate investment opportunities.

Consulting with and managing the purchase/sale of businesses allows us to discover opportunities for investors looking to buy small and mid-sized businesses outright or become equity partners.

Also, because we are active in real estate, we are able to identify properties with high upside potential, are distressed, or are available at relatively low prices. When improvements are required, our experience in construction management helps us accurately gauge what’s needed and find low-cost options for building in value.

Often assets are available to us at reduced prices because we have the ability to turn around under-performing properties, complete necessary capital improvements, and finish projects that may have stalled.

Our combination of experience and access to opportunities results in tremendous synergies, great upside potential for our investors, and considerable added value for all stakeholders.

As needed, we can rely on:

A network of investors and interested buyers developed through years of involvement with the purchase and sale of businesses and real estate.

Finely honed negotiation and problem-solving skills.

Our experience in building trust and collaboration between parties that may have conflicting agendas.

Our services include:

Identification of potential investors and lenders

Finely honed negotiation and problem-solving skills turning around underperforming assets

In-depth financial and operational analysis

Negotiating and closing transactions

Increasing the value of businesses and real estate

Refocusing the strategic direction of businesses or the intended use of real estate to better utilize resources and fit market conditions

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